Creativegarh is a worldwide community of people from all walks of creative life. It’s a platform for amateur and professional creatives to inform of, display, discuss, exchange, buy and sell ideas, services and talents to each other.

Members of this community give vent to their creative expression through a host of mediums. The high-charged discussion forum provides an arena for exchange of ideas. The regular offline meets in various cities not only put a face to words but also help members in networking and harnessing their creative energies in the real world. The Creativegarh Art and Craft Gallery – an offline entity in New Delhi provides a platform for the members to showcase and sell their work while providing a 360 degree help to all upcoming creatives. The Creativegarh Design Studio with access to the best creatives across the world gives a shape to a host of untapped ideas.

Creativegarh also helps members enhance their skills through regular offline and online workshops across a vibgyor of creative fields. And then, there’s always the promise of more business and better services as the forum provides a meeting ground for clients and freelancers.

Creativegarh: Where creative minds meet, work and play. Come on aboard.

Set up in April 2002 with an aim to provide aspiring, young and mid-career artists with '360 degree help' right from pricing to commissioned projects to feedback on work, the Creativegarh Art and Craft Gallery today showcases the unique art and craft of nearly 60 creators and has access to over 125 unique artists from across the world. Meant exclusively for members of Creativegarh to showcase and sell their work, the gallery works with all it's artists and clients of good faith, competitive prices and investment-wise repeat orders - the benefits of which are for the artists, the Gallery and the art and craft enthusiasts to reap mutually. Small wonder, that in just over three years, the Creativegarh Gallery is one of the finest and most inspiring destinations for discerning art and craft creators and collectors in New Delhi.

Showcasing over 400 pieces of art and craft, the collection at the Creativegarh Gallery ranges from abstract to figurative works across a host of mediums. Paper sculptures, scraptures, acrylics, watercolours, charcoal, oils, lamps and designer living room and kitchen accessories among others make for the all unique, one-of-its-kind collection at the Creativegarh Gallery.

If you are interested in having a look at our collection or buying it, or if you are an artist doing some exclusive work and are interested in a platform that can promote you allthrough, get in touch today.